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GAMECHANGER - Nana Takamatsu's unprecedented JYUKU school w/comedian

Nana Takamatsu, a comedian and also student of Tokyo University for master degree.

She established her company, name "Shouka Son Jyuku".

She was very famous for comedy as her experience of real Lady of her rich family.

She provides her energy for politics education for young people.

More surprisingly, she will join NHK, Japanese TV, as a DIRECTOR.

She is going to have live comedy stating "Acting Up!".


It's really an unprecedented great effort.

Her life is eventful.


For the price of comedian, education is all listed on the website.


Here are introduces her effort and fun video.

It's also good to learn Japanese!

  • What is rich lady comedy?
  • What is the evaluation of her company and what is politics education?
  • What is the price of comedian education?


I analyzed various listed Japanese/world company as a long-term investor, I will evaluate her company, though it is not listed.


What is rich lady comedy?

Nana graduated Ferris high school, located in Yokohama.

The Ferris school is prestigious lady's school.

Her house has 10 rooms.  Usually, average Japanese house or apartment has 3 rooms to 5 room.

So, in Japan, 10 rooms is very big number.

Her joke material utilizes flip board, showing normal people phrase, then showing rich lady phrase!

So, interesting!!



However, these flips were found by her Rich Dad. He tore them!

It seems monitoring and direction are so tough, however, parents may agree since Nana goes her life in her will.


Her flip show is introduced here!



What is the evaluation of her company and what is politics education?

Her company name is Shouka Son Jyuku, Inc.

Company task is educating politics using comedian and comedy.


Her company website describes company Mission.

It is rare in Japan to show mission on the website.


Note that, in Japan, rapid aging continues and young people lose interests in politics.

I here summarize info. in the website.

One word.  She is GAMECHANGER!



  1. We, young generation think about future excitingly.
  2. Creating joyful society through the increase of young people who joins politics.
  3. Revitalization of democracy through young people participating in politics.



  1. To provide the feeling that politics is nearby, not difficult.
  2. PARADIGM SHIFT in school education.~From traditional lessons toward comedy-based lessons.



  1. To delivers lessons by feeling using comedy/laugh and game.
  2. To provide beeting contents.

Again, note that this is not directly written in the website. I just summarized.

From the long-term investor perspective, this is AWESOME!


What is best is, 3rd mission!

All Japanese know that government reform in these 40 years is looser.

So, people in Japan give up politics.

Revitalization of democracy

It's the highest difficulty.

I joined in the small private meeting with the teacher from many industries.

The teacher was secretary of assemblyman and he tried to change mechanism of politician and bureaucrats.

However, I feel almost nothing has changed.


My old father, aged 91 years, have a really good pension.

He states this money is from his previous pay.

"No, it is mostly paid by the current generation who pays for pension fee."

I was about to say this, but I could not say since he is weak now...

These old people usually have enough time and go to vote, and oppose politician who is against the senior.

Young people loose interests in politics and do not go to vote.

What happens?

Society developing just good to the old generation, then losing country energy in long-term.


However, I want to believe that if good policy is implemented looking for upcoming 30 to 50 years, even if some pains, better Japan should come back!

Then, Japan will re-growth country, not only matured society.

Redeveloping, meaning economic growth is mandatory.

Since this is sole solution for government biggest debt.

Through economic growth and adequate inflation, the then relative debt will be decreasing.

Only politician Kenji, Fujimaki, who was legend trader, states this and I agree on this theory.


What is 2nd best - PARADIGM SHIFT in school education


From traditional lessons toward comedy-based lessons.

Using game or joke is now utilized in some good teachers.

However, comedy-based lough lessons (CBL) is a paradigm shift!

This cannot be done without comedian.


I was an engineer and provided many lessons for foreigners from USA, Canada, Europian countries, and Russia.

It was very important as icebreak at the beginning of lessons. Thought I spent much time to think about it, but many failures to get laught!


It's super cool idea that utilizes young comedians who are not famous now.


Lessons services

Service includes but not limited to;

  1. Provide lessons in local location
  2. Seminar and training in company
  3. Contents development
  4. Planning and operating events
  5. Writing and publication
  6. Development of movies

Lessons preparation is described in detail as the script.

Checklist and connection of equipment are really easily explained, plus, meeting location preparation and how to contact the comedian.

I also organized classes a lot, with many scripts prepared.

But Nana's school scripts are beyond excellent!

Unbelievable that all of these are disclosed on the website!


It's very well standardized!


What is the price of comedian education?

Big surprize again!

Prices are disclosed.

Usually, these prices are informed by contact basis.

It's very transparent company.




Nana price is about 2000$ to 3000$.

Young comedian: 300$ to 500$.

Medium class comedian: 1000$ to 3000$.

Appointment of specific commeidan: 3000$ to 10000$.

It is better to have two comedians since they can have good comedy with interaction.

I believe her company focuses on mission, not money.

And it is very good to utilize young comedian, to increase more comedian and culture in Japan.


Nana will have a live show before getting the formal position in NHK TV.


The title is

  ”Before going to NHK, I will act up!"


There is broushures.



"10th Nana Takamatsu Sole live"

Farewell. Goodbye!

March 09(Friday), 10(Saturday) From 19:00- at Shinjuku



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たかまつななのNHK入局前最後のライブ 暴れます

9530975e9c221676465cd0cfd9bff035 - GAMECHANGER - Nana Takamatsu's unprecedented JYUKU school w/comedian

たかまつななのNHK入局前の最後のライブ 暴れます



Since news about Nana is broadcasted, I have interests and survey the company.

It is a really nice company trying to very good things.

I just thought comedian company is just joke, but got a shock by reading missions and values described.

Go for it, Nana!


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