tincup - Tin cup - Best cup to feel coolness in fingers!


Tin cup - Best cup to feel coolness in fingers!




I live in Japan.

I went to Sukiyaki restaurant at Asakusa, Japan.

Then, I found a wonderful metal cup!



When beer is filled to the cup held my fingers, the chilly feeling has spread to my fingers!!

It was my first experience of life.

So, I asked to waitress,

"What kind of metal material is used for this cup?"

It was tin!

The following youtube covers the tin cup with Sukiyaki restaurant video.


I really liked this cup, so I checked tin cup and found this cup in Amazon Japan!

Here, I summarize information about the tin cup.


Tin cup characteristics

The metal 'Tin" characteristics are the followings;

  • High heat transfer ratio.
  • Easy to reshape, soft metal.
  • It is said that tin metal purifies water and also better taste when Sake is filled.


P 20170918 153432 - Tin cup - Best cup to feel coolness in fingers!




Kind of tin cup sold in Amazon USA

Tin is not toxic. However, lead is toxic.

Bad quality tin product may contain lead, which is harmful to human.

However, in Japan, using lead is restricted by Japanese law.


So, selecting the Japanese product is good in law control and quality, not cheap one sold outside Japan, which is not reliable.


The company name is Osaka Suzuki.

This company is based on technology back in 1679...

You can see additional information from the following URL.

It's Japanese so please translate by Google function, right click.

Osaka Suzuki Tin First Time Utilization

Here is U.S. amazon tin cup by the Osaka Suzuki.

The following one is just mine I bought.

You can see size from the picture with my hand above.

It's just 200ml but most reasonable price to enjoy.


The following contains two cups.


The following is a larger one;  300ml each.



My personal use - evaluation

Not only filling beer, but I also fill every chilly drink to this tin cup, such as wine, iced tea, and jin tonic.

Every time I feel some relaxing and gorgeous....

If you use this for your friend or important customer, use the following strategy;



  • Not to say what it is.
  • Just say, "This is Japanese cup.  So, I will fill this drink to you like Japanese."
  • Check your friend or customer puts fingers on the cup and holds it.
  • Then fill chilly drink!

Your friend or customer should say:  "Awesome!!"



You can use this tin cup for your own purpose for a better life, or for your friend or customers.

Enjoy it!


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