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The day when the atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima from my mother

The atomic bomb day in Japan is 6th August.

The threat of nuclear of Noth Korea is increasing.

I remember what my mother told me the day when the atomic bomb was dropped.

My mother lived in Otake-city, which is the far west side of Hiroshima city.

I told the story of the day when the atomic bomb was dropped to my boy several times but he cannot remember this story.

This is because he did not have real views since he was not told by the person who had real experiences.

I want to record this topic as reference for other people.

I am going to write down the day, after the day, and what Japanese felt about defeat in war.


The place where my mother lived

My mother was living in Otake-city, south-west direction, about 30km (18mile) far from Hiroshima-city.

Therefore, there were not any direct damages.

However, my uncle, when he was student work at a laboratory in Hiroshima-city.

He was bombed.

This 30km (18mile) distance is, for example, from National Diet Building to south-west, Yokohama-station, or north-east Matsudo-station.

If you live in Yokohama or Matsudo, you can simulate what happens in this story assuming same size nucleus is used and the bomb is dropped at the National Diet Building.


When the atomic bomb was dropped

When the atomic bomb was dropped, my mother was an elementary school student and all students were gathered in the schoolyard for a morning meeting.

The time was 8:15 AM, 6th August 1945.

Suddenly, the sky flashed strongly.

And then, after a while,  big boom sound came and widow glasses of the school building were broken.

Teachers thought, "Something terrible should have happened....".

They released all students at home.

My mother had no damage by the bomb since it was a long way from the dropping point.


My uncle was affected by the bombing. He has special qualification for a bombed person by the government for special medical care.   However, he survives for a long time without significant medical issues.



After several days after the dropping

My mother house is kind of contact point, kind of leader in the town.

After several days of the bombing, there are many trucks went by many burned, live people on the bed of the truck.

My mother just told me these facts only.

Strangely, she has never said. "I cannot forgive the US who dropped this." nor, "I hate the US."

It was strange that her brother was suffered from the atomic bomb.


This leads to the next section story.

Note that there would be people who suffered more badly from the bomb.  They will have a different reaction. However, I write down the fact here.


How Japanse female thought after the defeat of the war

During the war, there was a little food. My mother had just bones and skins, according to my grandmother.

She worried and thought my mother bones would be melted away.

This is something unusual for me since I only know my mother is just normal body condition, trying to be diet.

After the drop of the atomic bombs, it ended the war in 15th. August 1945.

She told me men were crying because they lost the war.

I asked, "You were also very disappointing to the defeat, weren't you?"

But my mother replied. "It was very good that Japan defeats the war."



I asked, "Why?"

My mother said. "During the war, all men were so arrogant and out of control. If Japan wins the war, such an arrogant manner would be increased a lot. Therefore, I really thought it was very good to defeat the war."

This was not just mother opinions, but other women felt the same way.

My grandfather was a gentleman and did not drink alcohol before the war, but when he returned from war places, he drank a lot and temper changed and became so arrogant.

My mother told this was very terrible matters.

When I met with grandfather, he was a gentleman, but my mother could not forgive his father after the war and she told bad words to him often.

The war changes human fundamentally,  I thought.


I dared to tell this story to my US colleagues, but he had no reaction.

Maybe he could do not say yes or no on this matter.

This is just a reference but my father and uncle never told about the war.

Since they told nothing about war, I thought "They hid some bad things..." when I was a child.

Maybe they had many things they did not want to remember...

They may have done some bad things since it was during the war...


However, I asked this to my father with the courage to know the real thing, to tell the truth of war to my boy.

Actually, not a bad story.  My father's boss liked my father even though he violated some bad soldiers.  My father told he had enough food, stating "If soldiers cannot have enough food, we cannot fight."   He observed the Tokyo air raid, and see the bombing and fighter attack.

Surprisingly, he just enjoyed to see it since his place was safe, or if not safe, he could go down to the crave.   My grandmother said the same thing.

If they had damage, they could not say like this.


My uncle was a doctor and went to a far south small island by submarine.

There was no fight at the island. He said that it was hard to get food.

So, I could not hear actual battle bad situations.



I summarised the day and after, the day when the atomic bomb was dropped.

This was so terrible weapon tince so many people are dead and suffered a long time.

I am happy if this story helps something, though the place is far from dropping point.

In my view, threat of North korea is worst risk during my life.

I really hope that horrific weapons are not launched and dropped.



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